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Prepare yourself!


The ultimate DJ experience has arrived providing you with the best sound and lighting for any event you can think of!


Only Powr 2nz can provide the perfect mix of clean, undistorted sound with an amazing light show tailored to fit any of your entertainment needs. A comprehensive music collection ensures the appropriate program for any occasion. Optional equipment packages give us the ability to accommodate any size venue.

Discover first hand what music SHOULD sound like! An amazing array of lighting effects in conjunction with a high power sound system will astound you and your guests. This IS the real deal! My mission is simple... entertainment, and more entertainment. I'm not satisfied until you are, and that is a promise.

I spend a great deal of time keeping current with the most recent hits, whether they are top 40 hits, east coast trance-techno dance music, the greatest rock and roll hits of all time, even "oldies". A wide variety of love songs and the all important "top 200 requested tunes" makes anything possible, and of course... requests are always welcome!

The sound equipment is vintage Peavey, and is meticulously maintained. This produces what most people feel is a stronger, cleaner sound than the newer digital equipment. Lighting effects are a mix of laser, DMX controlled intelligent lights, and typical show lighting that mesmerizes even the most discriminating guest. The music is now played from a laptop computer, and I use several different programs specifically written for DJ purposes. I even have software that allows me to do "on-the-fly" master mixing which is becoming a more frequent request. Finding your requests becomes much faster, and the quality is pure. For those who simply must hear their own music, I still keep the CD player up and ready, and welcome these requests as well.



In addition to all of your music and lighting needs, we can now actually PERFORM your wedding ceremony! Over the last year I have had the honor of working with Michael Brocher who has now become an Ordained Minister, which now allows us to legally marry couples making us unusually convenient for those who are having difficulties putting your weddings together. Please feel free to contact me directly and I will quickly get you in touch with Mike.

Special Offers:


None at this time.



Economic Stimulus Offer:

Special pricing to LOCAL businesses that wish to have recurring Friday night live DJ entertainment, and LOCAL organizations for benefits and fund raisers. These events will fall outside the realm of normal pricing!  Those businesses interested in recurring Friday evening shows will receive an additional 10% discount, and still get the entire "standard sound and lighting" package, and those dates will appear on this web site to draw patrons to your establishment! I will also have my ENTIRE music library available so requests can easily be handled! Keep in mind that I work a full time job and will need time to set the equipment up. Don't miss out, this offer will run through the end of the season, so... LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED! If you are at all skeptical, I will do the first show FREE! Call now!


There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding "recurring shows". These are shows that would be scheduled as a regular weekend show and NOT on holidays such as New Years Eve, Independence Day, etc. Those shows typically run longer and are specific to those holidays. Pricing for these shows would be different from any other regular show. If you are interested in booking me for a holiday, please contact me far enough in advance to see if I have already been booked, or click on the "Book Now" link to Gigmasters.com and submit a bid request for the date you are interested in. I check with Gigmasters frequently on a daily basis in an attempt to be prompt with quotes. You may also contact me directly after 4:00PM weekdays and I will be happy to check these dates immediately for you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

DJ Dean K.


Schedule of upcoming events:


                  Dec. 31,2016                                     VFW 9156, Sheboygan, WI                                   NYE Party (Open to public)



Keep Smiling!


The following venues will not be considered for performances, due to the inability to provide power for the equipment, or lack of communication and professionalism by event coordinators to the event staff to make the proper changes to facilitate sub contractors:

        The Golden Mast, Ocauchee Lake, WI

        Blue Harbor Resort & Conference Center, Sheboygan, WI

        Light House Inn, Two Rivers, WI

Please contact me for a more detailed explanation of these exclusions.


At this point these are the only dates that are "absolutes". Keep in mind that some clients prefer NOT to have their dates published which means some dates that are booked are not necessarily shown here.

Several dates are, at this point, tentative. As soon as they become officially "booked" this schedule will be updated!

Enjoy the ride!

DJ Dean Kiley






How to contact us:



Booking DJs for Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events Since 1997
Booking DJs Online Since 1997

 E-Mail: dhkiley@att.net


Phone: 920.452.9231 (after 4:00PM please)

Cell: 920.207.9862

Snail Mail: Dean H. Kiley

1518 N 26th Street

Sheboygan, WI 53081


Please keep in mind that I work a full time job. Gig requests for appearances on Fridays are difficult, but not out of the question. Please contact me directly and I will see what I can do for you. Thank you for your understanding!


I'd like to extend my thanks Mr. Jay Blahnik for his belief in me and the equipment, and all those who support my efforts in the past, present, and future... cheers to you all.



Thank you for your interest in Powr 2nz. I sincerely hope that by keeping this site simple and easy to navigate I've made your search enjoyable. I will try my best to keep the schedule up to date for your convenience.